Tuesday, November 29, 2011

FF Theme: Inspired by Design

Friday Fingers

Wow! It's the final week of November already. For the Christians, it is the first week of Advent and Christmas is drawing near. *excited*

As much as I want to have Christmas theme for our FF this week and leading up to Christmas, I better not. So I have come up with this theme and I hope you girls will be able to follow. This week's FF theme is Inspired by Design.

I'm sure you have a certain design/graphic that you love on your dress, work outfit, table cloth or even curtains, right? So be inspired by one of these. Well, I do have one and I'm so gonna try it painted on my nails this week.

How to:

  1. Copy the badge above.
  2. Paste the badge on your FF: Inspired by Design post and insert the URL link of this page (FF theme: Inspired by Design) on the badge.
  3. Publish your FF: Inspired by Design entry.
  4. Come back to my FF Theme post by clicking the banner on your entry.
  5. At the bottom of this page, find 'You next, click to enter'.
  6. Fill up the requirements in Linky Tools form. Make sure to fill the URL of your FF: Inspired by Design post.
  7. After you are done, go back to this page again and look for 'get the code'. Copy and paste the code at the bottom of your FF: Inspired by Design entry.
  8. We are linked for Friday Fingers!

*Nail Hug*


  1. This is exciting Kay! This time will try my best to do it as early possible:)

  2. As usual I'M IN! Hehe. Now my mind is thinking hard on my inspiration..Apa mau paint ni??? Not so easy juga this task tau :)

  3. Edith and Liz, selamat mencuba! :)