Monday, September 24, 2012

Malaysia flag

Oh dear, I'm so lagging behind in this blog. Haven't been put up anything for ONE month? Yikes.

Anyways, my nail art activity isn't as sluggish as my post in here. In fact, I've been doing almost every two days just because I have joined the 31 Days nail challenge. But funny how, that (the challenge) too is lagging behind. I'm still on Day 10 whilst it's already the 24th of this month. Double yikes.

Here's my Malaysia flag in conjunction with the National Day (31st Aug) and Malaysia Day (16th Sept). If one really have to scrutinize the flag, it isn't drawn accurately i.e. the red and white stripes aren't same size. But, that's the best I could come up with (so far). I even drew hibiscus flower which is the national flower for Malaysia. Hee.

MY flag_hibiscus (9)

MY flag_hibiscus (5)

MY flag_hibiscus (8)

Next up will be my 31 Days nail challenge...well, 10 nail arts so far.


  1. Mcm mencabar mo buat tu bunga, luv it :) Bah, goodluck with ur challenge kio. Inda sbr mo tingu :)

    1. Kalau pakai acrylic, not so bad lah juga dith. :)

  2. How creative!!! Thank you for sharing.