Monday, November 7, 2011

FF Theme: Flower Power

Friday Fingers

I think girls and flowers are inseparable regardless of what kind of flower it is.
For me, I'm easily tamed by daisies, cherry blossoms and peonies.
So yeah, for this week's gonna be flower nail art.
ANY flower you love.

How to:

  1. Copy the badge above.
  2. Paste the badge on your FF: Flower Power post and insert the URL link of this page (FF theme: Flower Power) on the badge.
  3. Publish your FF: Flower Power entry.
  4. Come back to my FF Theme post by clicking the banner on your entry.
  5. At the bottom of this page, find 'You next, click to enter'.
  6. Fill up the requirements in Linky Tools form. Make sure to fill the URL of your FF: Flower Power post.
  7. After you are done, go back to this page again and look for 'get the code'. Copy and paste the code at the bottom of your FF: Flower Power entry.
  8. We are linked for Friday Fingers!

Show 'em the power of pretty flowers!

*Nail Hug*


  1. bah sa mau cari flower yang sangat sinang mau buat ni chegu..harap2 sa dapat buat ni kali

  2. ya marilah join beaty. asyik2 kami tiga org si lizee sama si edith saja ni. kasi ramai2 begia hehe

  3. Lagi ramai lgi siok :)

    Inda sbr2 sudah sia mau buat flower design ni. Tpi mo kana tunggu budak2 sia tidur dulu lah. Sa sdh p cek di youtube design yg cantik tpi mo kasi modified sikit lah hehe...