Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ahoy mates!

Last week, a girlfriend asked if I could paint her nails for her hen's party pirates theme. I said yes cos I know I can find ways to create or re-create a design for the theme. So I did!

I found Simply Rins' Pirates nail art VERY helpful.
I re-created the design although I had hard time painting the pirate face.The brrrrride-ter-be and I arrrrre lovin the pirrrrrate skull!




I had actually forgotten to draw the pirate's eyebrow. Explains the empty look on him. ^__*

*Nail Hug*


  1. Awesome!!! especially yang ko lukis tu tengkurak pakai bandana merah!!! that was REALLY COOL!! Aye!!

  2. Iya, sa pun suka yg itu rose. the bride also like. stands out bah kan the tengkorak compared to the pirate face :)

  3. to paint the skull and pirate, are you using just nail polish or acrylic paint?

  4. Hi Minum Petang, i used acrylic paint except for the black and white cos i dont have any acrylic in black and white (yet).

  5. ur works are amazing! like them...

  6. Thank you Pamela a.k.a Minum Petang :)
    Come here often ya! :)

  7. sudah saya follow..hehe..boleh la ni minta tunjuk ajar.

  8. Thanks Pamela! Buli bah, saya pun share2 saja apa yg saya kurik2 dari website nail bloggers lain :D