Sunday, July 29, 2012

Poppy Love

I was thinking of doing flower nail art but since I've done daisies, gerberas and cherry blossoms...I need other flowers. Orchid came to mind. But just as I started to draft a design, poppy popped up.

And poppy it is!

Poppy Marbled (1)
It wasn't difficult to paint poppy flowers. All you need are dotting tool and a striping brush. That's all. ^^

Poppy Marbled (5)
Initially, I wanted to do lines water marble but my Sally Hansen Black Out didn't cooperate with me. At third dropping, the polish just didn't want to spread out properly. I only managed to drop a few polishes and created about 4-6 rings of colors, which is not enough.

Poppy Marbled (8)

Ah well, will try again with the lines water marble sooner. I've just got back from Sasa to re-stock my Eleanor nail polishes in various colors!

Colors used:
Revlon Red Hot Tamale 908 (water marble)
Sally Hansen Black Out (water marble)
OPI Play the peonies (accent nail base)
Acrylic paint

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Coffee Candy water marble

When I first did water marble nail art, I've spent about 4 freakin' hours to actually learn how it is done. It was frustrating, really. But the outcome it gives really soothe the frustration. You can read how I survived the process HERE.

And so I have tried several times

Retro Pink
Neon colors

I tried this nail art again yesterday since I ran out of ideas on what to do for my weekend nail. This time, I spent hours doing it too but not because I was not able to get the process right. It was just because I couldn't find the perfect combo that I wanted. Even more so when some expensive brand I use i.e. OPI, Sally Hansen and Revlon did not cooperate well. In the end, I got back to this cheaper brand, Eleanor and she's really a savior. I just need to buy more of these in different colors. Cheaper and it saves me from wasting much of my expensive nail polishes. Ha!

coffee marble (1)
Front to back:
Eleanor ENP026
Eleanor ENP043
Eleanor ENP040

Each bottle priced at MYR6.90

coffee marble (3)

coffee marble (6)

And here's something new on this blog.

A video tutorial!

I finally got my hands around doing this video tutorial after been asking lot from some friends especially Cathj. And thanks to the hubby who helped to record this video. With no good video camera, I am only using my iPhone video capture and this where the hubby comes handy. Ha!

I know this video editing is very noobie, but hey I am a first timer at this. Will try to improve from time to time.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Taped inspired

I was inspired to do this pretty unique taped mani from Nailside awhile ago. Only managed to do it on fake nail. However, recently blogger friend Dyana did a few design of taped mani that awaken my love for this particular shoe lace taped mani. I personally think it's beautiful and the pink colors just make it awesome for girls to wear this mani. Especially if she's a ballerina. Just saying. ^^

shoe lace taped (4)

shoe lace taped (6)

shoe lace taped (7)

shoe lace taped (9)

I painted daisies for the accent nail initially but thought that water marble will look more nicer as the accent nail. What do you think?

Colors used:
OPI Come to Poppy (base)
OPI Pink Friday

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Found love in Tony Moly

Tony Moly has been in town for less than a year at Suria Sabah, KK. I've only been to their premise once but was not impressed with their color selection. Last weekend, I was in search for another nude color nail polish so I can wear it to work. Since I was there, I checked them in again and voila, look what I've found! They do have some nice colors and glitters too (I gather they have expanded on their selection).

This isn't really nude but the color is subtle enough to be worn for work. I know this color will not be a much distraction during classroom teaching progress and indeed it is.

TR07 (2)
Tony Moly TR07

I also found a few bottles of glitter polish. Pretty! I wanted them all but conscience reminded me I only have some amount of cash left for nail polishes this month. Oh well...

GS10 (3)
I applied this glitter polish on top of the TR07 and it resulted in this jelly sandwich look-a-like nail art. I think.

GS10 (5)
My cuticles are dry. It's time to put more cuticle oil on 'em. I've been neglecting this routine lately.

On a different note, I can't wait for my fav online nail shop to re-open. Ten more days!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

FF: Glitters

Friday Fingers

Yes, glitters is the theme for this week FF.
I know most you nail art/polish addict keep a bottle (or more) of glitter polish. I do too. But the ones that I currently have are mostly normal round shape glitters. I'm eager waiting for that day when I can finally own pretty glitters that come with different shapes i.e. hex shape, star shape.

I admit, I love looking at glitter polishes but dislike the mess that needed to be cleaned up post painting. Albeit having tips on how to clean up on glitters, I still find glitter nail polish is a tough one to deal with. How about you?

Anyways, let's proceed with the FF shall we?

How to:

  1. Copy the badge above.
  2. Paste the badge on your FF: Glitters post and insert the URL link of this page (FF theme: Glitters ) on the badge.
  3. Publish your FF: Glitters entry.
  4. Come back to my FF Theme post by clicking the banner on your entry.
  5. At the bottom of this page, find 'You next, click to enter'.
  6. Fill up the requirements in Linky Tools form. Make sure to fill the URL of your FF: Glitters post.
  7. After you are done, go back to this page again and look for 'get the code'. Copy and paste the code at the bottom of your FF: Glitters entry.
  8. We are linked for Friday Fingers!

Here's my version of glittery nail art.
I did a gradient combo of two colors before I added some glitters on it.

purple gradient glitter (6)

purple gradient glitter (10)

purple gradient glitter (9)

purple gradient glitter (8)

I'm in love with this mani that I took lotsa of photos of them. I even thinking of letting them stay for a few days. Will think how am I going to hide my nails from my kids. :)