Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tutorial: Overlapping Dots

Hi all!

Initially, I wanted to do the tutorial on water marbling. However, I find it difficult to do just pictorial tutorial cos I tend to skip one or two shots of the process. So, I'm thinking of having it recorded on video of which I need to learn more. So yeah, no water marbling tutorial yet.


I am sharing with you the Overlapping Blue Dots that I posted on my previous Friday Fingers. I love dots but because I am yet to own a proper dotting tool, I can only satisfied myself doing them using DIY tool. That doesn't stop me to do dots design anyway. ^__^

I learned the proper way to do overlapping dots via this link. She's marvelous at nail art and I'm proud to say that she's my number one inspiration now.

So here goes...

1. The colors that I used.
2. Paint your nail with the base color.
3. Blob some dark blue (but lighter than the base color) on a piece of paper.

4. Using a dotting tool (you may use same size dotting tool or different size, your pick), create scattered dots.
5. Next, dot some light blue. You may dot away from the previous color but to create overlapping effect, it's better to overlapped the previous color.
6. Same method, use much lighter color. Or in my case, I use metallic aqua blue.
7. Finally, add some white dots on them.

dotty blues (5)

Enjoy the tutorial!

*Nail Hug*


  1. lawa oh suka...senang nampak ni kalau d sini..kalau mau buat sa inda pandai juga ni cehgu

  2. nda sabar mo ada gf... bleh cuba di kuku dia xD

  3. Wow that's simple but gorgeous look!!! Nice..

  4. cantik!!! macam disco ball di dance floor :D

  5. Ada sia try ni before your tutorial tapi FAIL. Hehe. I'll give it a go during the weekends la. Btw Kay, belum lagi sampai2 tu parcel? Ngam2 10 working days suda bisuk kan?

  6. Sinang ja pula kan. Maybe sa mo consider beli fake nail spya bole main2 cat kuku hehe...

  7. beaty, senang ni beaty!

    DC, LOL! bah cepat2 cari gf :)

    Rose, iya indeed. Try lah!

    V, now that u mentioned it...yalah!

    Liz, ada bah tu video tutorial yg tu link sia bagi tu. i learned from there. u just have to creatively scatter the dots supaya tidak semak :)

    Edith, iya dith sia selalu try out pakai fake nail dulu cos malas sia mau padam2 di kuku sia...sia beli di daiso ja bah tu fake nails suma :)