Saturday, November 12, 2011

Friday Fingers: Flower Power

Friday Fingers


Back for Friday Fingers although at the time I'm posting this, it's already 20 minutes past Friday. Things have been quite tight this week but gladly to say that I can pretty breathe properly now.

I wanted to do Cherry Blossom but reckon it'd be boring to see same thing from me. Daisy's the choice and just love how Simply Rins did her daisies nail art. Determine to paint my nails like hers, I tried painting on fake nail. I thought I did get it pretty close to hers. It's a different case when I tried it on my nails though.



They look more like a hybrid of daisy and chrysanthemum. Ha!

I chose dark red as base cos I'm gonna attend a Hen Party tomorrow and it's a themed party; Pirates theme to be exact. Bright fancy colors don't really go well with Pirates. I think.

But I must say, these daisies are pretty easy to do except when doing on my right finger nails. Well, what's new about that?

Enjoy weekend!

*Nail Hug*


  1. Sooooo prety!!!! Tapi cepat juga closing date dia..hihi.. Lain kali mau buat weekly punya lah.. :(


  2. Hi Cath, actually sia start buka the FF linky tools since Sunday/Monday bila sia post the ada 5 days before Friday to think of the design...then, on Friday you post your FF nails....I extend it to until Sunday so that buli post up the nails before the next Friday. :)

  3. As usual cantik Kay! This one's a bit difficult to do kan? So what's next week's theme? :)

  4. Wah, sa suka tu bunga. Ngam tul sama ko pnya base color.

    Sya pun sikit lgi inda sempat post. Nsb baik ada masa juga before hbs Friday.

  5. Liz, not difficult at all! Actually the trick is to use acrylic paint bah tu. Easy to stroke with the brush. Kalau pakai nail polish to do the detailed painting, it dries faster and so susah mau lukis2. But mine, i didnt hv white and yello acrylic paint so pakai nail polish juga lar...

    Dith, I personally love my base color dith. And senang mau clean up. Tiapa, kalo tia sempat Friday..sempat juga until Sunday sebab sa tutup linky tool on Sunday midnight to make way for new theme :)

  6. cantik!! chegu u alway good in that!...the daisies look beautiful ni