Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas nails!


I have been browsing Christmas nail arts since November and to tell you the truth, there are so many out there that I want to do. So pretty!

For a start, I painted these Christmas designs with my niece and will decide which one will be my Christmas nails. However, there are still so many beautiful designs to do and I doubt I will stop with just these.

Christmas sets 2011 (1)copy

1 - Santa's Suit. Re-created this from Beauty Judy.
2 - Christmas Tree ala Polka Dots. Re-created from Simply Rins.
3 - White Christmas Tree. Found the design from stockfresh.

4 - Proud to say, this is my own creation. I was supposed to do just gradient green and gold. Somehow, after finishing up design number 3, the idea to paint snow man on it popped up. What do you think?

Christmas sets 2011 (3)copy
5 - While searching for Christmas nail art inspiration from the net, saw many nail bloggers did Santa's Hat. Thought that this design is kind of cool too so I re-created this. A red Santa's Hat with dash of golden dots.

Have you done your Christmas nails?

*Nail Hug*


  1. sa suka oh semua..but the santa hat is the cutest i think! mo try la ni..

  2. love design no.2... no.4 is just simply cute!

  3. No.5 is simple, lova all of the btw XD

  4. OMG punya main lawa2 semua susah mo pilih. but I heart no 4 the most & no.5!!

  5. Joan, ya sinang ja bikin tu santa hat. try la!

    Chris, thanks!

    Audeanor, yep no 5 is easy to do. Thanks!

    Rose, awww favourite juga tu no.4 :)

  6. hello2 chegu carol! :) duiii cantik2 ni suka tu no.4 and of cos the Santa's hat! :D and....i have no idea how to kasi cantik2 kuku mcm ni..mau jga yg tutup2 mata sambil ada org kasi cat utk! ^^

  7. He he he.. sa suruh si Sumandak browse2 sini semalam cari design untuk kuku dia ni.. Last2 sa buat sendiri juga.. ha ha ha.. padah besar bila pakai cat kuku yang rm2.50 ja.. He he he..

  8. cantik suka..cute ni..pandai betul gia ko chegu kalau pasal nail art ni jealous ni

  9. Semua lawa2 oh susah mau buat pilihan but i heart yg no 4 punya hehehehe

  10. Hi Michelle, hahaha thanks kio. I love being pampered too but now that im into this and so gila about it...i go to the nail shop just to get my nails cleaned and buffed properly. Sampai rumah lukis sendiri kasi cantik hehe

    Aki, paling bagus bah kalau idea sendiri. Lebih puas hati. Great job there on si sumandak punya kuku!

    Beaty, gila sudah kan. Apa2 pun mau try. Thanks ah :)

    Mouren, ya try! Itu pun easy juga tu cuma mau tnggu kering betul2 tu base baru buli paint the snowy tree :)

    Va Va Voom, thanks! My fav juga tu no 4 :)

  11. Wow! Semua pun cantik tpi yg paling sa suka no.3. But your design is the most creative one. I want to try all or maybe try to design one juga. Itupun kalau ada masa :)

  12. Edith, thank you! Try lah dith..tu no 2, 3 and no 5 i think are the easiest. Yg tu santa hat, pakai dotting tool saja pun buli sudah tu :)