Monday, November 7, 2011

Eleanor Water Marble

Yet, another water marble!

You know, water marbling can get quite addictive once you get the gist of it. Seriously.

Fellow blogger friend, Kadazanbonita told me she got the same perfect marble when using cheaper nail polish called Eleanor from Sasa. Off I went to buy some cos they are more than half the price of a Sally Hansen.

RM6.90 each. Cheap no?

The whole process is addictive. Starting from the moment I drop the polishes on the water, making a pattern on the whirl effect, dipping the finger in the water and finally, getting a perfect water marble nail art. I just love looking at the colors forming like batik. Ha!


The only demanding issue for me when it comes to marbling is the fact that I can't quite get the perfect clean-up post marbling. It is usually messy around the cuticle as the polishes tend to flood along the cuticle. Even after using the brush method, my nail cuticles still looking flooded with polishes. Ah well, looks like I just have to practice more.

A friend asked if I could do this one her nails. Unfortunately, I am not confident enough to do on other people's nails cos this nail art requires LOADS of patience and time consuming. It's like trial and error. If it doesn't work, you have to try again till you get the perfect result. Well, I didn't have much problem with my nails so far but I'm not sure how it goes when trying to do on other people's nails.

*Nail Hug*


  1. Carol, i heart this one very much! nnt ko kasi buat sia aa.. hehee.. :)

  2. Thanks Just...macam biasa lah, yg cantik kunu di tangan kiri ja...yg tangan kanan punya kuku hancur ni hehehe

  3. 'tangan kanan punya kuku hancur' - kenapa ayat itu sungguh familiar aaarr hahahaha

  4. ee mcmana mau buat ni ah?after dip itu nail polish dlm air kuku pun mau dip ka? hehehe tutorial? ;)

  5. Gunaqz, alaaa macam tak biase kan...hahahaha!

    Anne, tutorial coming up next. Ya, mau dip tu finger dlm tu polish yang kena drop dlm air. :)

  6. ah sa mau p sasa lah kalau ni mcm..mana tau kan