Friday, November 18, 2011

FF: Neon Colors

Friday Fingers

Friday Fingers time!

I didn't have much time to spend this week since it's the final week before holiday and usually is the most busiest and crucial week. I think nail marbling has become very handy to me since the Eureka moment and I've been doing it like a piece of cake. No kidding!

So for this week FF: Neon Colors, I picked orange and lime green colors and did nail marbling with a lil' bit of dots detailing on the marble design. Why orange? Simply because our school's annual dinner picked Orange (and black) as the theme color. So Orange/Lime Green wet marble nail art is just fit for the theme. :)


Although, I have to admit I am not really impressed of how this nail result turned out. I just didn't have time to 're-produce' a new design, in time for FF. But anyways, hope you enjoy looking at my FF not-so Neon Colors design.

Check out those participating bloggers' Friday Fingers below!

*Nail Hug*


  1. I really like this orange yellowish color. Neon marble really looks nice.. clean... the pirate is also not bad since its for theme party, haha :D

  2. Honestly, I never seen people with Neon colors on their fingers. Tapi mmg ada tarikan and 'delicious' like orange fruits. (^^) mau cuba this color nanti. Biar urang-urang opis kotigok!

  3. DC, thank you!

    Mouren, the colors are very bright. Nasib2 sini sa pakai 2 colors ja..ada lagi tu bright blue, bright pink, bright purple...kalau campur all the colors, fuh!

  4. CANTIK la ba. I love the marbling, swirling look :)

    Btw, the only neon colour I have is orange. So terpaksa la sia cat orange Kay. I tried the overlapping dots techniques juga! Hehehe

  5. wah talented owh chegu....bright owh ni color..still cantik ni juga as usual

  6. Nice combo color. Sa blm lgi start mo blajar ni marbling.
    Lmbt sia post ni kali Kay. Pastu terngam2 lgi cam design si Lizee :)

  7. Liz, sia ada blue, green and yellow tapi since mau kasi match sama tu orange theme for our annual dinner, sia pun pakai orange. hehehe tiapa bah, next time kita try lagi neon colors. i think i managed to carry the (orange) color well. Dunno lah kalau the other neon colors :)

    Beaty, thanks. Buli tahan la bright but somehow suka pula saya tu orange shade yg sia pakai.

    Edith, tiapa bah. Sia enjoy juga tinguk kamu punya FF. Waiting eagerly actually.

    Btw edith and liz, if u encountered problem with the linkytools for the recent FF, so sorry. Sia pun tia tau napa tu.