Friday, November 25, 2011

FF: Fusion French

Friday Fingers


I am so happy that today is officially the start of my month-long school holiday. More time to plan for Christmas and definitely, time for nails. Ha!

Here's my Friday Fingers for this week. A simple French with some dots to add a little twist to the classic French. I opted for this dark red base and gold for the tips and dots.



How do you do your French?

*Nail Hug*


  1. Thank you beaty. Mari bah join ni FF. Sia tau ko suka juga tu bikin kan? :)

  2. Cam sa ada post komen tpi inda kluar pula. Tiapalah. BTW, sa suka ko pnya design. Cntik pula dot2 pakai gold kan:)

  3. I LOVE IT. I was so surprised to see it cos I didn't expect to see such an innovative design! hehehe. I expect classic French mani and decor2. (Totally no imagination kan? hehe)

  4. Liz, thanks to the many websites I always visit to be able to know that French mani isnt just white and nude color. Sia pigi search online for alternative designs juga bah ni :)