Sunday, January 29, 2012

Red Daisies

A friend, Emelda gave a few nail items as Christmas gift. One of them is a nail brush which I have been longing to have. The next day upon receiving the gift, I straight away wipe off my Blue Gradient Clouds to trade with these daisies! I just can't wait.

This daisies design is inspired from Simply Rins. Oh, did I ever told you she painted the most beautiful, almost-like-sticker, daisy flower nail art? Yes, she does.

My first time posting photo of both my hands. Had to drag the hubby to help me with this one.
red daisies (5)

The new brush helps very much in getting the petal shape I desired although there are still rooms for improvement on this.
red daisies (4)

Colors used:
OPI Play The Peonies (base), daisies are all painted with acrylic paint.

Blessed Sunday!

*nail hug*

Friday, January 27, 2012

Blue Gradient Clouds

You know I am on holiday when I can change my nail color every two days. Ha!

It's raining season here in my place. The clouds look gloomy. While browsing my favourite nail art websites, I stumbled upon Nailside's Cloud series and I'm loving it.

gradient blue clouds (3)

gradient blue clouds (4)

Since I don't have many range of glossy blue nail polish, I've settled with two selection of metallic blue to compliment the only glossy blue color I have. I think the result is not as nice as having all shades in glossy type.

Happy Weekend!

*nail hug*

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bleeding nails

Something I did to fill up my time during the holiday. Saw this needle drag technique from Chalkboard Nails and thought I give it a try.

Since Chinese New Year is still around, I thought it'd be best to paint something related with this festival. Saw some peonies decoration when visiting my Chinese friends on first day of CNY and gave this one a try. Didn't come out quite nice cos I am not really good at painting layers/shadows.


Colors I used:
Dior Apparat, OPI Pink Friday, Elianto Coral Light and Sally Hanse Xtreme Wear Black Out.

Later, I decided to ditch the peony and go for dots instead.

_DSC0004 (2)

_DSC0006 (3)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Hi everyone!

It's Lunar New Year eve today. I am 'a quarter' Chinese and I celebrate Chinese New Year every year. Since my hubby is also 'a quarter' Chinese, it's even more a festival not to be missed for us.

I was thinking to wear fake nails during the Chinese New Year since my nails are too short to be painted. But my nail glue sucks that my fake nails kept slipping away. So I decided to just paint my short nails and came up with something not too difficult to paint. I got my ideas from Simply Rins!

The fake nails I painted earlier; Cherry Blossoms and a (funny looking) dragon as my accent nail.

My Chinese New Year nails!
_DSC0002 (2)
Ring finger/accent nail is painted with the Chinese character for dragon (base Elianto gold, chinese character using acrylic paint)

The rest of the nails are painted with swirls resembling round object as Chinese believe round object/shape is good. (base is OPI wocka wocka, swirls painted with acrylic paint)

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

When the nails are too short

This is what I did when my nails are too short to be painted. Fake nails the solution!

I re-created some designs from nail bloggers I frequented as well as design from pattern I saw around the house.

Tribal inspired.

Animal inspired

Flower inspired. The red one is inspired from NailNerd.

The Palm leaves is a design I saw on our kitchen apron. The pink black stripes is a re-creation from one of my fav nail blogger, Nailside.

The ballerina shoe lace is another design inspired from Nailside.

Bejeweled Half Moon is a re-creation from the one did by Polish Vixen on Youtube.

And finally, mt very first splatter nail art! I tried this several times and failed. I thought this was harder than doing marble. But searching through nail tutorials on this particular technique, I finally get to finish not one but two splatter nail art. I am so happy!

splatter effect (1)

*nail hug*

Friday, January 13, 2012

Flame On!

Since my finger nails are extremely short now. Even painting them with plain color looks ugly, I only have my toe nails to play with.

I was thinking of doing cherry blossom nail art again in conjunction with the coming Lunar New Year. But it didn't come quite right with what I have in mind. Too stingy to waste the paint, I quickly came with the idea of painting flaming fire on the paint-gone-wrong nails. Lucky it turned out OK.

flame it
Nail polish used: 
OPI Wocka Wocka (base)
OPI Play The Peonies
Revlon 680 Revlon Red (flame)
Revlon 908 Red Hot Tamale (flame)
Eleanor ENP043 (flame)

Liz and Edith, have you thought of what your CNY nail art will be? ^__^

*nail hug*

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dior nail lacquer review

I never thought I will be owning myself a Christian Dior nail lacquer. Thanks to my girl friend from work who gave me my first CD as birthday gift, I now a proud owner of three CD nail lacquer!

I fell in love at first apply with CD Tuxedo due to its smooth application and the oval tip brush perfectly fit to my oval shape cuticle line. I could paint near my nail cuticle without worrying much about getting them smudged. I only need to coats of it to have nice silky smooth paint. It dries fast too once applied on the nail.

Here's a swatch of the Dior 908 Tuxedo given by my girl friend.
Under the sun, the paint actually gives a hint of purplish hue which is another thing I love about this nail polish. But couldn't see much here.

After having a very nice start with this nail polish, I decided to buy another bottle myself. But when hubby and I were at the Dior counter checking out on the colors, hubby said he would buy the polish for me. Yippee!! I got myself two new bottles of Dior nail lacquer!!!

Dior 871 Apparat (Christmas edition)

Dior 611 Exquis (Christmas edition)

These are my luxury nail polish (cos it cost RM70 per bottle) and I'm gonna keep them like treasure. Ha!

I received the OPI Muppettes minis and OPI Nice Stems! minis as birthday and Christmas present as well. Will show the swatches and review soon.

*nail hug*

Monday, January 9, 2012

Crave for tribal

It's been 5 days since I last painted my nail and to be frank, I kinda feel restless seeing my nails bare. The need to have them painted grows stronger each day. Due to the nature of my work... I can't wear painted nails to work.

But who says anything about wearing them for work? I can always paint my nails and wipe 'em colors off later. What a waste you said.

Really, it's not about showing off my painted nails that I'm crave for. It's the feeling of satisfaction, with smile wide open, ogling at my nails and knowing I CAN do the design I want to do. That bit of satisfaction is actually my addiction. You get what I mean? No? Ooh never mind...

Anyways, here's another tribal design I have tried after my first and second attempt were not up to my expectation. And I envy Edith's tribal nail design so much I promised myself I will do a better one next time.

_DSC0002 (2)

Although, I did this in a rush and the black lines were smudged when I applied top coat...overall, I am happy with this design. It instantly shout "Tribal!" as proven by hubby when he first saw them. ^__^

_DSC0003 (2)

I think am gonna do tribal again this weekend!

*nail hug*

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bienvenue 2012!

It's a new year already!!

Happy New Year!

Since I just had my nails cut short in preparation to going back to work, I thought of leaving them with just plain color. But, I got quite a bunch of new nail colors for my birthday and Christmas and feel it is such a waste to not try them.

So here's my New Year nails!
bronze dots (3)

bronze dots (2)

Base is Dior Exquis 611 (Christmas Edition)
Lines : OPI Muppettes series - Better
Dots : OPI Muppettes series - Warm & Fozzie

By the way, I will not post up any theme for Friday Fingers this week. Kinda tight with the school re-opening. Will continue the week after.

*nail hug*