Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Fingers! Overlapping Blue

Friday Fingers

The theme is Dots and/or Lines. But since I am running out of time, I went for just dots. I chose blue shades cos I'm gonna attend a cousin's wedding and the theme color is blue. Just apt, aye?

dotty blues (9)

dotty blues (7)

dotty blues (5)

Come join this Friday Fingers. How? HERE!
Enjoy weekend!

*Nail Hug*


  1. CANTIK OH!!! I never thought of blending different coloured dots together. The colour combo is so nice! Don't know which one I like best now. Leopard print, blossom or this.

  2. I saw this from one website. Nanti on this tutorial sia kasi give the link as well. Actually, sia masi malu2 mau kasi link tu nail websites yg sia selalu visit bah...mine masih amatur ni. Malu sia dorang pigi check out on my blog hehe

  3. Amatur amatur pun cantik2 suda kau buat semua ni Kay :)

  4. Sa tdk pun tefikir mo design mcm ni. Cantik!!! Hri tu masa bili cat kuku sa langsung inda tingu warna biru bah kan. Nah, ada sdh sample, mcm mau p bili sdh lgi ni hehe...Like!!!

  5. I am so terujaaaa cheguuuuu.... tapi saya tidak boleh berkuku ni.... I love this new blog tooo... nxt time buat tutorial... hihihi...

    love love love....

  6. Kay, I was just telling Liz that I saw dotting tools in Megalong. The shop's name is Beauty Centre (kalau x silap) at the ground floor. You might want to check it out there :)

  7. Liz, thanks! ^___^

    Edith, ya ini pun first time ni sia paint blue. Usually, it's red/pink/purple saja...

    Rose, thank you moi!

    Cath, thanks! Kuku pendek buli juga ni Cath. Seriously. Bah next up is the tutorial for this overlapping dots la :)

    Edith, THANKS!!! Im so gonna check out Megalong. Punyalah main dekat rumah tu hehe