Friday, December 2, 2011

FF: Inspired by Design

Friday Fingers

This week's FF was supposed to be fun for me. But I got carried away with too many inspired designs in mind and ended up doing something common to my previous works. I even got pissed off during the progress because I was a bit rushing and ruined my first attempt. Even on my second attempt, I smudged a bit of the blue dots. *sigh*

Anyways, enjoy my FF this week.



The design on my blue polka dot dress that inspired this week's FF. Instead of using lighter blue, I opted for this Revlon Midnight Blue color. Some bad lighting here, couldn't see the beauty of this dark blue hue.

*Nail Hug*


  1. What I really like everytime you made yours is the neatness. I mean really neat..teda bingkuk2 :)

    And I really like this one. Yes, it looks more like black but still looks adorable.

  2. Agree with Edith. You always get the perfect look :) This one's beautiful too! I tried doing mine yesterday but I didn't manage to get any of the designs right. Too much experimenting hehe. Will post something tonight! :)

  3. THank you dith and i said in your blog dith, i really think it's the type of brush that you use to do the clean up. try checking on that ya? :) ... Liz, hahaha, macam sia lah tu! no worries bah lambat. will wait :D

  4. Ini yang sa nampak hari tu time lunch :D

  5. sa nmpk tu design time lunch tu ari d uuperstar