Thursday, December 20, 2012

Flower Water Marble

It's been awhile since I last did water marbling. The process is kind of tedious and as I mentioned in previous post, time is too precious to spent on nails for hours. Ha!

Turned out, I rather spent time on nails for hours. By doing two designs back to back. Ha!

Colors used:
Essie Navigate Her
Essie Wicked
NYX Girls Algae

Colors used:
China Glaze Heart of the Matter
China Glaze Sunshine Pop
China Glaze Always a Lady
Tony Moly GL01 gold glitter

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Whimsical peacock feather

I wanted something easy to do yet beautiful enough to look at before I go for my short trip to the big city. Time was pretty tight for me even though it was the holiday. So, all I think of was to have a manicure that doesn't require much time to do.

So I had some glitters over plain base and then had my accent nail painted with peacock feather. I learned the design via Instagram. Gotta get back with you on the Instagrammer who inspired me.


Colors used:
OPI Samoan Sand (base)
Essie A Cut Above glitter
Black acrylic paint

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Grey Rose abstract

My nephew Sean was in town for the school holidays. He was always up on our living room to steal the TV from us. So one day, while watching his fav show...

"Auntie Carol, I think this pattern can be a perfect design for your next nail project."

I looked at the throw cushion.
Well, how come I never thought of that before?

So, sort of like accepting a challenge, I did some hand painted rose abstract with black acrylic over a grey base.


Colors used:
Revlon Silver Screen
China Glaze Elephant Walk
Black acrylic paint

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fan brush nail art

My first attempt on fan brush nail art. I bought this fan brush unknowing what its purpose is until I saw a pretty nail art by SimpleNailArtDesigns using fan brush.

green fan brush (9)cropped

green fan brush (10)cropped3

green fan brush (4)cropped

The only difficulty I found here was that my fan brush tend to clump on its end making the lines look horribly fat instead of perfect thin lines. Will try again with different type of fan brush.

Colors used:
Essie Navigate Her
Essie Blanc
Elianto Racing Green
NYX Girls Algae

Monday, December 10, 2012

Flower Power

I found this Sally Hansen nail strips in my stash, unopened. It was actually last year's Christmas gift from my sister in-law and I haven't found the right time to wear it. Now that Christmas is fast approaching, I think that these need to be tried a.s.a.p.

SH_flower nail strips (5)

Surprisingly, applying it on nail is super easy. Perfect for those on the go. You can even apply the strips while you are seating in a plane. Talking about super busy, no-time-for-proper-manicure girls here.

SH_flower nail strips (1)cropped3

SH_flower nail strips (3)cropped

The only thing that irk me is when taking them off. It says, removing is easy by just using nail polish remover. But I find the glue isn't that easy to rub off. I prefer peeling them off although that is a big no-no for the nails.

However, given some pretty patterns available, I will still want to purchase this. You never know when you need this kind of product. It could be a real saviour and the only thing that could actually boost up your vanity. LOL!