Tuesday, February 14, 2012

FF: Valentine's Day

Friday Fingers

My FF is 4 days late. But better late than never.

Since I was not able to paint my nails during the weekend and it's unlikely to have them painted during weekdays as well, I decided to do my FF on my toe nails instead. ^__^


Colors used: Base is Elianto Red, Heart shapes painted using acrylic (red and white mixture) paint.

*nail hugs*

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Spirals and Daisies

I got bored looking at plain painted nail so this is what I ended up with.


I wiped off the white daisies and opted for brown petals. No brown daisies? Ah well, that's why people say art is fun. You can always do as you like. ^__^


I am pretty satisfied with this design and I'm gonna wear till tomorrow before I wipe 'em off again since it's working day on Tuesday.

By the way, my favourite nail art blogger, Simply Rins...she did spirals too! What a coincidence. She did so well of course. I will try to learn painting spirals using brush cos the one I did here was done with toothpick.

Till next post!

FF Theme: Valentine's Day

Friday Fingers

Friday Fingers back!
Since it's nearing Valentine's Day, it's just ngam to get this theme done this week eh?

How to:

  1. Copy the badge above.
  2. Paste the badge on your FF: Valentine's Day post and insert the URL link of this page (FF theme: Valentine's Day ) on the badge.
  3. Publish your FF: Valentine's Day entry.
  4. Come back to my FF Theme post by clicking the banner on your entry.
  5. At the bottom of this page, find 'You next, click to enter'.
  6. Fill up the requirements in Linky Tools form. Make sure to fill the URL of your FF: Valentine's Day post.
  7. After you are done, go back to this page again and look for 'get the code'. Copy and paste the code at the bottom of your FF: Valentine's Day entry.
  8. We are linked for Friday Fingers!

Have fun!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Go Nude!

Last week, when I was buying a portable container to put in my nail polishes and nail art stuffs, I found this nail polish section selling colorful nail polishes. They are cheap ones but I just can't help looking at all the pretty and vibrant colors. So I picked a few bottles. Ten bucks for two. What do I have to loose eh?

I tried the nude color. Unfortunately, for this cheap nail color, they do not have specific name for its color. So yeah, all I can say it's a color that matches my skin tone. And I am very happy about that. I'll tell why later.

As you can see, my index finger nail is starting to chip after 2 days.


Ok, the story...

I don't usually paint my nails when going to work for fear my kiddos would ogle at my nails the entire lesson instead of listening to my teaching. But I tried on this nude color on Friday with daisies painted on my thumb nail..and what do you know....not even one kid mentioned anything about my painted nails. It's unusual cos there definitely be at least one kid to point out about my nail even if I only painted one nail. So yeah, I think the nude color really matches my skin tone that no one realize I am wearing nail color. The only set back is that, since it is of low quality, it tends to peel off quicker. Aaah well...

Anyways, Edith and Liz...am gonna put up the FF theme again after this entry. Lama sudah kan? ^__^

*nail hug*