Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dry Water Marble

I've always love the wet water marble effect when I first did it last year. But the tedious process and not forgetting the stress it gives halted my intention to do it again. Well, I have re-tried doing it actually. Just that, it didn't work out well like the first time I did.

While googling for more ideas of water marbling, I found a blog that tells about another much easy way of creating marble nail art.

Dry Water Marble!


I'll share about the How-To on this nail art soonest!

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*Nail Hug*


  1. Yes I remember you and Joan posting about this water marbling technique. I Didn't even bother to try cos the steps punya la SUSAH. Kalau senang buli juga try :)

  2. im gonna try again this week liz...mcm nda puas hati ni dulu dpt bikin but now nda pandai menjadi2...