Sunday, October 30, 2011


OK, I just have to share this with you all.

Water Marbling.

Have heard of that? I bet you have.

When I first tried water marbling nail art, it took me a freakin' FOUR hours to complete all ten finger nails and it wasn't a smooth sailing process. Albeit getting it done at the end of the day, I haven't really got the process done perfectly.

I tried again several times after that but failed.

I tried again yesterday and this is what I got.

I had to do at least two attempts on each finger to get the above photo. That means, no consistency. And the nail polish I was using not helping either. I used Revlon's nail polishes by the way.

Read somewhere that the final result might be due effect from the selection of nail polish as well. So I remembered my newly bought Sally Hansen colors. Tried two colors; Sunkissed and Green with Envy.
SH sunkissed (10)


I had no problem dropping the polishes into the water. In fact, I even managed to drop more than ten times and still the whirl effect looks fine.
SH sunkissed (7)

Perfect marbling effect.
SH sunkissed (8)

What do you think?
SH sunkissed (2)
Need to work out on the rough edges along the cticle as well as getting rid of air bubbles.

sallyhansen sunkissed

Took me less than an hour to complete all ten nails and this polishes really hassle and stress-free. The color combo is not my favourite so it definitely means, all the reason to go nail polish shopping again! Excited!

*Nail Hug*


  1. if u hv video showing how u done this it cud be better. i love it, hope can try this soon...need to run & buy my own nail supplies XD

  2. I've seen the video you posted last year Kay. Adui! For me, level of difficulty = IMPOSSIBLE. Hehe. I'm not going to try this cos it takes a LOT of work oh. Mau tahan hati oh kan? Maybe kalau nampak real demo depan mata baru buli try ni =)

  3. Sia suka yg orange/green tu. Cantik!!! Sa ada nmpk tutorial di youtube, nmpk mcam sinangkan hehe...tpi sia tau memang susah esp first timer mcm sia ni:) Tapi sa pun mo try bila sa btl2 ada masa lah.

  4. soooo cantik! I've tried it before, but failed miserably. maybe no patient buat kot...

    u're an inspiration.. Thank u for this blog..

  5. Wow gorgeous!!! even yang 1st pic tu pun cantik bah but yang the 5th pic tu yang i heart the most. macam susah mo buat woh ni.

  6. Audeanor, I love to do video tutorial but i think i need someone to do record it for me as my hands will be too occupied doing my nails. For now, sia kasi pictorial saja la ah :)

    Liz, perhaps so. Tapi since knowing that the Sally Hansen polishes really help, i only did the last design in less than an hour. Some more, stress free lagi sebab the nail polish tidak banyak songeh as compared to previous polishes yang sia pakai.

    Edith, try lah! Memang mau sabar. Not everyone's cup of tea but once you get the art of doing it, macam tia mau berenti buat ni.

    Dee, thanks! I think you just really have free time to experiment with it. It wasn't easy for me at first. But now, honestly im excited to experiment with more colors!

    Rose, thanks! Mau prektis juga lah ni. Kalau first time mmg nampak agak tedious punya process la. Plus, needs the correct nail polsih to get it easily done.

  7. chegu...brriliant!! chegu punya mau buat begini sa mau buat!!!

  8. Beaty, try lah! Ko google ja water marble. banyak tu youtube pasal dia punya tutorial. tapi cerewet sikit la sebab bnyak time mau guna :)