Sunday, July 15, 2012

Taped inspired

I was inspired to do this pretty unique taped mani from Nailside awhile ago. Only managed to do it on fake nail. However, recently blogger friend Dyana did a few design of taped mani that awaken my love for this particular shoe lace taped mani. I personally think it's beautiful and the pink colors just make it awesome for girls to wear this mani. Especially if she's a ballerina. Just saying. ^^

shoe lace taped (4)

shoe lace taped (6)

shoe lace taped (7)

shoe lace taped (9)

I painted daisies for the accent nail initially but thought that water marble will look more nicer as the accent nail. What do you think?

Colors used:
OPI Come to Poppy (base)
OPI Pink Friday


  1. Chegu saya suka corak yang kuku ke 4 tu (kira dari ibu jari). PUnya unik..:)

    1. Hi Kay, oh itu design kena panggil water marble nail art. It's really an interesting technique, bukan yg macam biasa cat kuku :)

  2. Sungguh menggoda owh the color! Ok ba water marble! :)

  3. yummy betul semua tu design dia..mcm buli makan.. tp seriously chegu ko campin suda betul ni