Sunday, July 29, 2012

Poppy Love

I was thinking of doing flower nail art but since I've done daisies, gerberas and cherry blossoms...I need other flowers. Orchid came to mind. But just as I started to draft a design, poppy popped up.

And poppy it is!

Poppy Marbled (1)
It wasn't difficult to paint poppy flowers. All you need are dotting tool and a striping brush. That's all. ^^

Poppy Marbled (5)
Initially, I wanted to do lines water marble but my Sally Hansen Black Out didn't cooperate with me. At third dropping, the polish just didn't want to spread out properly. I only managed to drop a few polishes and created about 4-6 rings of colors, which is not enough.

Poppy Marbled (8)

Ah well, will try again with the lines water marble sooner. I've just got back from Sasa to re-stock my Eleanor nail polishes in various colors!

Colors used:
Revlon Red Hot Tamale 908 (water marble)
Sally Hansen Black Out (water marble)
OPI Play the peonies (accent nail base)
Acrylic paint


  1. dui very beautiful oh ni chegu sangat suka..bagus o buka kadai nail la..

    1. Thank you beaty.Teda intention mau buka kadai. Bikin untuk suka2. Kalo ada yg mo minta bikin, I will from home and do on harga suka2 juga :)

  2. Jatuh cinta betul says cheguuuu..... tapun! Hihi