Saturday, July 21, 2012

Coffee Candy water marble

When I first did water marble nail art, I've spent about 4 freakin' hours to actually learn how it is done. It was frustrating, really. But the outcome it gives really soothe the frustration. You can read how I survived the process HERE.

And so I have tried several times

Retro Pink
Neon colors

I tried this nail art again yesterday since I ran out of ideas on what to do for my weekend nail. This time, I spent hours doing it too but not because I was not able to get the process right. It was just because I couldn't find the perfect combo that I wanted. Even more so when some expensive brand I use i.e. OPI, Sally Hansen and Revlon did not cooperate well. In the end, I got back to this cheaper brand, Eleanor and she's really a savior. I just need to buy more of these in different colors. Cheaper and it saves me from wasting much of my expensive nail polishes. Ha!

coffee marble (1)
Front to back:
Eleanor ENP026
Eleanor ENP043
Eleanor ENP040

Each bottle priced at MYR6.90

coffee marble (3)

coffee marble (6)

And here's something new on this blog.

A video tutorial!

I finally got my hands around doing this video tutorial after been asking lot from some friends especially Cathj. And thanks to the hubby who helped to record this video. With no good video camera, I am only using my iPhone video capture and this where the hubby comes handy. Ha!

I know this video editing is very noobie, but hey I am a first timer at this. Will try to improve from time to time.



  1. Your hubby holding the camera ka... Use tripod la. Kesian dia hahaa jk.

    Sometimes I take pictures of my gf's cosmetic stuff for her blog :P

    Happy Saturday, Chegu!

    1. My iphone doesnt have tripod la darling...hence, the hubby has to help out. ive been trying to record video using my other camera with tripod but that camera no good...pixel quality very bad.

      Enjoy your weekend Arms and thanks for dropping by here :)

  2. Wow, your video tutorial is good. I enjoyed it. Very informative.

    1. Thank you vibrantkitty. I'm glad you like this video tutorial.

  3. congrats for the video.I'll buy the eleanor 1st then try again the marble :) u made the marble process like a peanut while i was struggling for it.goshhhh...

    1. Thank you Dyana. I'm gonna head Sasa again for Eleanor hehe...if you have the right polishes, this nail art is indeed easy as it looks.

  4. You made it look so easy!! Bah I'm gonna give it a try on these 2 days! Fingers crossed! Klu teda update, means tdk jadi lah tu haha

    1. Oh, this after so many practices ni Jacq. And a lot of polishes used. If you get the right polishes, you'll definitely get the whole process correct and easy as it looks on my video or any other water marble nail art video on youtube :)

  5. wahhhh cantik! n nampak mudah tapi mungkin kalo saya buat mesti x jadi punya..siuk ni nampak kawan2 post pasal cat kuku dorang..:0

    1. Thanks Kay :)
      Banyak kali prektis sudah bah ni kunu.

  6. Great video chegu for a first timer! :) I am far away for the skill and trick of painting my nails.. you make it look so easy

    1. Thanks Dora! Like i said, this is after so many trials and errors :)

  7. You are supurb cheguuuuu..... Nice tutorialllll.... I like.... Mesti mau cuba sudah ni.... Saya tahan hati saja from doing it... I can do the painting... But to wait for it to dry... Adoiiiii.... Hihihi.....

    1. Glad you like it cath! know, the trick to get nail paint dry quickly is to have a quick dry top coat. Really, saves you the time to wait and of cos avoiding your mani dari kena rosak.
      I recommend Seche Vite or Sally Hansen quick dry top coat pasal itu dua ja sa pernah try and they work wonder to my nail painting time.

  8. nice tutorial! im not sure if i can do the way u do it, plus, im not good in painting. :p i really love all ur nail jobs, btw! hehe..u should start opening a manicure shop someday ^^

    1. thanks very much aemy.
      they said, u need to have passion and patience to do anything, that include nail art. this has been my passion lately, hence the patience to do so :)

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  10. delicious o ni chegu nnt mau p sasa juga cari ni barang..he he he

  11. Cantik oh ko buat..I tried water marbling last year, I was discourage-sebab nail polishes yg saya guna berkulut..haha!