Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Found love in Tony Moly

Tony Moly has been in town for less than a year at Suria Sabah, KK. I've only been to their premise once but was not impressed with their color selection. Last weekend, I was in search for another nude color nail polish so I can wear it to work. Since I was there, I checked them in again and voila, look what I've found! They do have some nice colors and glitters too (I gather they have expanded on their selection).

This isn't really nude but the color is subtle enough to be worn for work. I know this color will not be a much distraction during classroom teaching progress and indeed it is.

TR07 (2)
Tony Moly TR07

I also found a few bottles of glitter polish. Pretty! I wanted them all but conscience reminded me I only have some amount of cash left for nail polishes this month. Oh well...

GS10 (3)
I applied this glitter polish on top of the TR07 and it resulted in this jelly sandwich look-a-like nail art. I think.

GS10 (5)
My cuticles are dry. It's time to put more cuticle oil on 'em. I've been neglecting this routine lately.

On a different note, I can't wait for my fav online nail shop to re-open. Ten more days!


  1. cantik o ni shade dia chegu..brp ar per bottle ini?

    1. Iya i also like. RM11.90/bottle yg nude shade and RM21.90 for the glitter.

    2. nnt mau p tony molly juga kunu tp sa mau dpat lu tu eleneor pny shade