Sunday, January 15, 2012

When the nails are too short

This is what I did when my nails are too short to be painted. Fake nails the solution!

I re-created some designs from nail bloggers I frequented as well as design from pattern I saw around the house.

Tribal inspired.

Animal inspired

Flower inspired. The red one is inspired from NailNerd.

The Palm leaves is a design I saw on our kitchen apron. The pink black stripes is a re-creation from one of my fav nail blogger, Nailside.

The ballerina shoe lace is another design inspired from Nailside.

Bejeweled Half Moon is a re-creation from the one did by Polish Vixen on Youtube.

And finally, mt very first splatter nail art! I tried this several times and failed. I thought this was harder than doing marble. But searching through nail tutorials on this particular technique, I finally get to finish not one but two splatter nail art. I am so happy!

splatter effect (1)

*nail hug*


  1. OMG, no more denial Kay, you are very creative & artistic. Smua cantik2 ni. Sa paling suka tu aboriginal, pink cherry & palm leaves. Love them million times :)))

  2. Confirmed!! buli buka nail art saloon sudah ko ni moi....semua designs cantik2 ni. Thumbs-up!!

  3. omg punya cantik ni...

    sa suka semua..buli sa mbil ni sample n sa training d ruma kah? hahahah

  4. edith, thank you! betul2 saya ketagih mau cat2 kuku bah tapi pindik betul ni sia pigi potong kuku sia...when my nails are longer bit, will try to do the palm leaves on them again.

    rose, hehehe thanks moi. tapi nda lah dulu nail art saloon. belum ada komitmen. main2 saja di rumah buli la :)

    beaty, thank you! hehehe copy ja bah..kalo ko sdh try, kasi share mai :)