Friday, December 16, 2011

FF: Tribal print

Friday Fingers

Not that I feel it so much since I AM on holiday till end of the year. ^_^

Anyways, here's my FF for this week.
Gotta say, this is the hardest FF so far. I just couldn't get the lines straight and balanced. Wanted to use tape but it will be very time consuming.

Initially, I wanted to incorporate the Aboriginal's art but I couldn't come up with a suitable design. I don't want to end up with having just round/circle design over and over. For now, this will do.

Pardon the not-so-straight lines.


Happy weekend ya'all!

*Nail Hug*


  1. Wow that's nice. macam susah betul design dia sia tingu tu mo banyak sabar. kalo sia tatap fail hahahaha....

  2. ah kalau sa buat ni menangis..sebab sa inda pandai lukis ni..aha ha ha ..nice work chegu

  3. Rose, begagar bah tangan tida stedy mau lukis tu lines hehe...thanks.

    beaty, thank you :)

  4. Simple but nice. Sa suka tengo. Sa ada buat jga yg main2 pnya, mimang susa ni. Sa mo buat balik ni mlm lagi. Hrp2 ok lah hehe...

  5. Bah tia sabar mau tingu ko sama Liz punya...but ive wiped this tribal design off sudah...malas sia nampak tu lines yang nda rata...

  6. 100000 times nicer than mine OF COURSE :) I thought this week's theme is too challenging for me. Susah sia mau lukis2 :)

  7. It is challenging even for me. But dont you feel like trying again if you have more time? ;)