Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bienvenue 2012!

It's a new year already!!

Happy New Year!

Since I just had my nails cut short in preparation to going back to work, I thought of leaving them with just plain color. But, I got quite a bunch of new nail colors for my birthday and Christmas and feel it is such a waste to not try them.

So here's my New Year nails!
bronze dots (3)

bronze dots (2)

Base is Dior Exquis 611 (Christmas Edition)
Lines : OPI Muppettes series - Designer...de Better
Dots : OPI Muppettes series - Warm & Fozzie

By the way, I will not post up any theme for Friday Fingers this week. Kinda tight with the school re-opening. Will continue the week after.

*nail hug*


  1. I like that color. Really nice :)
    I really missed out the Christmas theme:(. I didn't even have the chance to paint my nail for Christmas actually...
    Anyway, look 4ward for the next FF :)

  2. Lovely! Your finger nails look so mysterious what with the colors and all...can i have ur skills pls?

  3. Edith, thank you. Don't worry. Im sure everyone was pretty tight up during Christmas :)

    V, thanks! Mysterious? I wonder how they can look so mysterious to you. Biasa2 ja bah :)