Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dior nail lacquer review

I never thought I will be owning myself a Christian Dior nail lacquer. Thanks to my girl friend from work who gave me my first CD as birthday gift, I now a proud owner of three CD nail lacquer!

I fell in love at first apply with CD Tuxedo due to its smooth application and the oval tip brush perfectly fit to my oval shape cuticle line. I could paint near my nail cuticle without worrying much about getting them smudged. I only need to coats of it to have nice silky smooth paint. It dries fast too once applied on the nail.

Here's a swatch of the Dior 908 Tuxedo given by my girl friend.
Under the sun, the paint actually gives a hint of purplish hue which is another thing I love about this nail polish. But couldn't see much here.

After having a very nice start with this nail polish, I decided to buy another bottle myself. But when hubby and I were at the Dior counter checking out on the colors, hubby said he would buy the polish for me. Yippee!! I got myself two new bottles of Dior nail lacquer!!!

Dior 871 Apparat (Christmas edition)

Dior 611 Exquis (Christmas edition)

These are my luxury nail polish (cos it cost RM70 per bottle) and I'm gonna keep them like treasure. Ha!

I received the OPI Muppettes minis and OPI Nice Stems! minis as birthday and Christmas present as well. Will show the swatches and review soon.

*nail hug*


  1. still wonder, how can doin the nail hug?? :-p

  2. imagination is one way to explain it Aki :D

  3. Aduhhhhh....tempted!!!!! Ada pink kah... Cant wait for shopping...mau visit the counter..haha...tq for the review...:)

  4. Cath, macam ada. Dior counter di 1B banyak kehabisa stok kaler...hari tu yg available itu christmas edition saja...itu pun only 4 colors.

  5. Sia suka smua color. Inda tau when can I buy expensive one :( Mau jga test yg smooth pnya kaler :))

  6. ohoiii...punya semart.smua color cantik o. =)

  7. Edith, thank you. Kalau bukan pasal kawan sa kasi hadiah and sa suka betul application dia, tida juga kali sa terfikir mau beli tu.

    michelle...thank you moi :)