Sunday, January 29, 2012

Red Daisies

A friend, Emelda gave a few nail items as Christmas gift. One of them is a nail brush which I have been longing to have. The next day upon receiving the gift, I straight away wipe off my Blue Gradient Clouds to trade with these daisies! I just can't wait.

This daisies design is inspired from Simply Rins. Oh, did I ever told you she painted the most beautiful, almost-like-sticker, daisy flower nail art? Yes, she does.

My first time posting photo of both my hands. Had to drag the hubby to help me with this one.
red daisies (5)

The new brush helps very much in getting the petal shape I desired although there are still rooms for improvement on this.
red daisies (4)

Colors used:
OPI Play The Peonies (base), daisies are all painted with acrylic paint.

Blessed Sunday!

*nail hug*


  1. Pretty! Love it:)
    Lama sdh sa inda buat nailart. Miss it alrdy :(

  2. nanti sa try buat lah..he eh he

  3. Edith, bah kita buat FF for Valentine. Am gonna put up the theme soonest :)

    Jue, thanks :)

    Beaty, iya try lah beaty :)

  4. Don't worry abt it Kay :) Sia takut ja sia teda time mo buat nailart ni :( Satu minggu inda buat mcm lama tul ni hehe...