Monday, January 9, 2012

Crave for tribal

It's been 5 days since I last painted my nail and to be frank, I kinda feel restless seeing my nails bare. The need to have them painted grows stronger each day. Due to the nature of my work... I can't wear painted nails to work.

But who says anything about wearing them for work? I can always paint my nails and wipe 'em colors off later. What a waste you said.

Really, it's not about showing off my painted nails that I'm crave for. It's the feeling of satisfaction, with smile wide open, ogling at my nails and knowing I CAN do the design I want to do. That bit of satisfaction is actually my addiction. You get what I mean? No? Ooh never mind...

Anyways, here's another tribal design I have tried after my first and second attempt were not up to my expectation. And I envy Edith's tribal nail design so much I promised myself I will do a better one next time.

_DSC0002 (2)

Although, I did this in a rush and the black lines were smudged when I applied top coat...overall, I am happy with this design. It instantly shout "Tribal!" as proven by hubby when he first saw them. ^__^

_DSC0003 (2)

I think am gonna do tribal again this weekend!

*nail hug*


  1. Tribal really needs a lot of patience kan.. Tpi bila dpt result, sgt puas hati :)

    Sa 100% agree pasal tu cat padam cat padam. Hubby sia slalu komplen tu tapi sia inda kesah bcos after that is my complete satisfaction :)

  2. Ngam oh kaler combo dia. love it. anyway,kalau ko show off pun biar la ba kan (aiseh batu api haha),ingat senang kaitu mau cat kuku begitu design. bukan cincai oh.

  3. ..wah ni tribal pny design memng awesome suka..

    iya betul tu c mel ckp bukan cincai owh chegu

  4. edith, yabah...but im loving it. think will do again for my weekend nails. btw, FF will resume next week ok :)

    mell, hahaha thank you!

    beaty, sa pun start 'mensuka' sudah ni...mau try kaler kombo lain lagi nanti :)