Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gradient, gradient!

My nails are all very short at the moment. It will take at least a week or two to get them grow to a length that is just nice for nail painting. So, while mine are bare, I work my hands on others instead.

Sister in-law was in town last weekend and she was the perfect candidate to satisfy my fix for nail painting. And she opted for gradient. IMHO, gradient is one of the easiest nail art and the quickest to dry. I was more than happy to do gradient on her nails.

For her event, she wanted something bright. She personally had her eyes the OPI Niki Minaj collection and finally chose Did It On 'Em for her first nail art. I used another darker green from Oroloy since that is the only green shade I have that can mix well with Did It On 'Em's intense 'brightness'.


Colors used:
OPI Did It On 'Em as base
Oroloy Dark Green

For her second nail art, she wanted something subtle. Something that is easy at work, yet still catchy to the eyes. Again, she wanted gradient. So I did gradient on her nails leaving only the ring fingers as accent nail. On the accent nail, I painted poppy flowers (again!).


Colors used:
OPI Play The Peonies as base
OPI Brisbane Bronze
Acrylic paint for poppy flowers

She's happy.
I am happy too!


  1. Ah I want that poppy fingers.. all the combo.. super love..

  2. Kuku sia pla pnjg sdh. Purposely cos sa mau kasi paint tpi blm lagi ada masa yg ngam.
    Sia mo try buat tu poppy flower lah hehe...

    1. Iya, about time sudah ko mo kasi post nail art ko dith...lama suda hehe