Friday, August 24, 2012

Chevron inspired

Ever since my friend Faye requested to have her nails painted with Chevron design (but later turned out something different), I have made it a point to try this design again. So I did try but they were all a disaster especially those I did with tape. However, not wanting to give up on tape and knowing that there must be easier ways to achieve that chevron design using tape, I tried again yesterday.


Well, at least this time it doesn't turn to any disaster. ^_^

foxy chevron bling (1)

foxy chevron bling (4)

foxy chevron bling (6)

foxy chevron bling (8)

They look ok, right?

Colors used:
Revlon Foxy as base
Tony Moly GL01
tiny rhinestones


  1. Cantik bah Kay! Very very! Love it :)

  2. Oh so nice!!!
    Just hopped over your blog from google. Beautiful! Ever thought of opening your own salon?? :)
    Or perhaps offer appointment basis manicure/pedicure? :)

    1. Hi there, thanks for dropping by your comment. I have friends telling me to open up one. But with my day time job, I haven't have the confidence to commit into this business. I do freelance mani/pedi during school holidays though. :)