Thursday, August 9, 2012

Stripes Water Marble

I fell in love with this thin lines water marble the moment I laid eyes on it. I learned the technique from Collete's Youtube tutorial.

It didn't work the first time I did it. The stripes looked too sparse. After thorough learning, I've managed to at least create the thin lines that supposed to make up for this stripes effect. I haven't nailed it yet but I will. Ha!

And I am currently working on a nail art project of my own. It always bogged me that I could not simply wear nail art to work without attracting a few young eyes that eventually causing some kids to try out on their nails as well. Which is of course, not an encouraging thing considering the rule that students cannot paint their nails during schooling days. So I came up with this project to create five nail art designs that are subtle to be worn at work yet pretty enough to be ogled when spotted.

So this is the first design in attempt to complete my Five Nail Art for Work series. I think I have pretty done it well cos one of my colleagues mentioned that she wouldn't notice it if it wasn't because I purposely shoved my nails to her. I know, I know...why on earth paint your nails if you don't intend to show them off. Well, let's get back to the main purpose again...subtle yet with visible vanity. Get it?

Anyways. here are some photos.

Almost there but not quite...
work nail_stripes marble (1)

Re-do all finger nails except the index nails but I got way too much with cleaning, the color along the cuticle end up looking ugly.This photo was taken at night time with flash on.
work nail_stripes marble (2)

Last try...
work nail_stripes marble (3)

Excuse the bubbles on me nails. I have yet to master the art of minimizing bubbles in this water marbling technique.
work nail_stripes marble (4)

work nail_stripes marble (5)

I will definitely try this technique again soonest and with different color combo.

Colors used:
Faceshop BR803 as base
Eleanor ENP005, Eleanor ENP062 for water marbling


  1. It's been quite a long time I didn't post my nailarts. Ada jga sia cat2 kuku tpi tdk smpt mo post. Really2 missing it.
    I haven't tried any marble yet. The like this one esp the color combo which is so nice :)

    1. I'm sure kalo once you get the gist of doing water marbling terus balik2 mau try tu. Just like me hehe

  2. I LOVE it! Can this be one of the November 2012 TAB Gathering activity? Will be fun.

    1. Thank you Vibrantkitty! Hmmm I'm not sure that's quite applicable for the gathering though considering the venue as well as sources needed to run the activity. But thanks for the thought ^_^

  3. Love the colours. And Chegu, let me know when you mastered the skills of minimising the bubbles k.. sia pun itu juga problem hehehe

    1. I think some polishes have the tendency to create bubbles. Or maybe not. But recently I tried on using China Glaze, uishhh cantik juga la sia rasa...Revlon also doesn't seem to give me bubbles.