Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nude Water Droplets

This is my second nail art for the Nail Art for Work project.

For those who love painting their nails with plain colors but is getting tired of plain look. This could be our solution. Put some rhinestones and your otherwise plain colored nails will instantly be a sizzle to the eyes.

I painted all nails with Revlon Creme Brule, top them off with Seche Vite top coat. While they are still wet, I added some clear round rhinestones. Since I wanted a water droplet look but doesn't have any droplet shape rhinestone, I picked on two different sizes of round clear rhinestones to emulate the shape of water droplet. Well, maybe not so much alike but I'm still contented with the outcome.

nude bling (7)

nude bling (5)

nude bling (4)

A close up shot of the rhinestones.
nude bling (3)

I would have worn this for a straight five days if it ain't because there's only three days work this week. And so, I can think of other, much energetic colors to wear.


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