Monday, August 6, 2012

My name on it!

Now this is great!
A nail art enthusiast like me and a nail polish named after my name!

I found this nail polish at Polish Art Addiction. Love her blog by the way. She's one amazing nail artist. Her talent in freehand painting is superb.

Now, that Caroline. It comes in purple with blue holographic sparkles. Although I always tell myself that I'm no big fan of purple shades, it always amazes me that when given a choice, I usually ended up with purple shades (besides neutral colors).

I might want to purchase this soon!


  1. Eh? Sudah pjg tu kuku? Hihihi....

    1. That's not my nails Cath :) ...masih kitut lagi kuku saya n hihi

  2. ehh chegu nice tu glitter dia ni...