Thursday, December 8, 2011

FF: Green Gold gradient

Friday Fingers


I hope you guys had fun ogling at my Christmas nails as much as I do. And I have actually did four more Christmas designs but more on blue color theme. Anyways, that have to wait.

This week's Friday Fingers, I went for green and gold. I wanted to do blue again cos I'm just so in love with Revlon's Midnight Affair. But I have not been pulling out green in ages so I thought, why not?

I used Sally Hansen's Emerald City as base. Upon dry, I sponged on Faceshop GR502 followed by Faceshop GL111 . I topped them off with Faceshop 05 and a coat of Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat. On my ring finger, since I couldn't get rid of my pride on being able to create a Christmas design of my own... I have to show off this one again. ^__^

Green gold gradient (4)
If you noticed, I did not paint plain green in one or two of my finger nails like I normally do. Having all nails painted with fancy nail art seem to attract attention so I usually paint one or two nails with plain base color to tone down the attention. However, for this nail art today...I think having plain green on one or two nails could draw more attention. And somehow, I feel the gold is able to tone down the attraction so that's why I did gradient on all nails. Besides, the snow man nail art is already the feature nail on my fingers. ^__^

Green gold gradient (5)

I have to say that I really enjoy doing this week's FF and like how it turned out on my nails.

What do you think?

*Nail Hug*


  1. I feel the christmas spirit ody just by looking at ur festive nails!!! They're fab!

  2. ngam2 sy sdg dgr lagu xmas lagi ni time tgk kuku ko..cantik..:)

  3. I really forget cmana mo bersih tu kuku.. sa tau buat tu design ja.. wah.. sa suka oh.. trus sa terasa budak2 kijap dalam hal2 cat kuku.. he he he.. but,yeah, sa baru 2 kali ba pula tu cat kuku.. itupun si sumandak ja mangsa.. :-)

  4. Michelle, sangat sesuai kan! Thanks ah...

    Aki, ada sa post tu how to do clean up...ko check past entry sa... kalau minat lukis2 memang siok ni lukis kuku...lebih challenging la cos small space kan hehehe

  5. I like the vibrant colours kay! I've done mine and used green as well. But mine's a bit pale compared to yours. I followed your tutorial and thought " punya sinang pula ni!" hehehe. Favourite FF so far :)

  6. Really like your base. The snowman mimang outstanding :)
    I've done mine tpi blm post lagi. Will do it very soon :)

  7. Lizee, thank you! Ko tau i have forgotten ive posted a tutorial on gradient. berfikir sia skijap ni. Glad it helps alot and ya, memang thing about this sponging technique...since the polish yg kena guna will be less, cepta kering..tiapaya mau tunggu lama2 before the next sponge.

    Edith, thanks! First time ni sia pakai green macam gitu punya tone...usually it will be very light green.

  8. i love what you (all) did with your nails. i'm actually amazed (and a little bit jealous teeheeheeee) that such a tiny little space can become a base for such amazing art. lawa! keep it up :)

  9. Hi enet, thanks for dropping by and commenting...and thanks for the compliment too. bah, do drop by often and probably join us in my weekly Friday Fingers :)