Friday, December 16, 2011

My Stash

Whenever I visit nail art websites, I'm always in awe drooling at these nail bloggers' stashes. Their collection of nail  polish that range from the famous OPI to China Glaze to Orly to Zoya and many more nail polish brands makes me more than eager to have my own collection too.

Last week, I just purchased 5 plastic containers that can be stacked on each other. I couldn't afford to buy proper drawers for my nail stuffs yet so these plastic containers should do for the time being.

On the bottom container...
I placed all my acrylic paints and art glitters. I wish that Santa will get me an acrylic paint set this Christmas ^__^

Second from bottom...
...nail polishes/cracks from Faceshop, Sasatinie, Eleanor, Maybelline, Silky Girl and Wet & Wild.

3rd from bottom...
My Revlon, Sally Hansen and Elianto nail polishes (not including the recent haul from Elianto).

2nd from top...
Rhinestones wheels, nail art stickers, nail art foil, artificial nails and make up sponge.

Top container...
...all my nail art tools; dotting tools (thanks Lizee), brushes, manicure set (thanks Lizee), cuticle remover, nail glue, orange stick, cuticle clipper and nail buffer.

And finally, my mobile nail art container. But I usually keep all my base and top coats here as well as nail polish remover, polish thinner, facial cotton and toothpicks inside.

I am so hoping that I will get at least an OPI nail polish for Christmas to add into my collection bin.  *finger crossed*

Lizee and Edith, are you guys building up (in numbers) nail polishes too now? ^__^

*nail hug*


  1. Bulih buka kadai sdh ko ni Kay:) Punya byk!

    I'm soon may need to have a stash hehe... At the moment I'm using my old make-up bag which not so good. Mau beli yg khas utk cat kuku.

    Maybe I shld blog about my collection. Just to share how much I'm starting to admire this nailart thing.

    Thanks for sharing Kay :)

  2. Wowwwww...really a nail art lovers... Regarding about th aclyric.. What you do with that? Paint on nail? I have my collections of aclyric for my canvas painting..yg skrg terhenti hihihi.. Wonder what you do with it... :)

  3. Edith, hehe ive been collecting nail polish since before i start to do be so crazy with nail art painting...bila sudah start gila, makin menjadi2 terus hehehe...yes, i would love to read about your collection to. bikin inspirasi mau bernail art lagi bah kan :)

    Sue, hehe kedai di rumah saja la :)

    Cath, yes i use acrylic paint to paint nail as well. Usually kalau nail art yg mau lukis muka or complicated painting, better use acrylic cos it's easier to adjust the thickness. kalau guna nail polish, cepat jadi thick and susah mau paint.

  4. Chegu buli buka Carol's nail saloon sudah ni..even buli buat door to door biz sudah nie on call why not kan

  5. WOW!!! PUNYA BANYAK. You know Kay, before I read this post, I just dumped all my polish in an ice-cream container. AFTER reading this, I took a wooden basket, cleaned it and arranged all my nail polishes nicely :) Sia malu mau blog bout my stash..nda banyak ni :)

  6. wah! amat kagum dengan tu collection.. super.. byk! >_<

  7. Rose, actually im doing that now. Door to door kalau ada demand la...if not, i'll just do at home. Bikin suka2 ja bah :)

    Lizee, hahaha...before my nail polishes bertambah, i used to put them inside shoe box saja bah juga. Btw, senang kah dapat quality brand polishes sana i.e. OPI, Zoya, Orly, China Glaze?

    sweetandspicy, hehehe pelan2 sa gumpula bah tu dari dulu :)

  8. chegu banyak suda ni collection ni..deii makin menggunung suda ni chegu

  9. Hey Kay..Siou lambat reply. OPI senang la, along with Sally Hansen. Yg biasa sa nampak sini OPI, SH, LA Colours and the rest yg di KK pun ada like Revlon, Loreal etc. Tapi OPI apagon betul $25- $30 each. Yg baru2 ada warehouse sale tp OPI tinggal sikit ja (no choice). I haven't seen Orly, Zoya or China Glaze before. Mahal ka that?