Friday, October 21, 2011

Pinky love

Happy Friday!

Here's five samples of nail art I made for the Pink October campaign. And I'm wearing all 5 of them on my left fingers while the right fingers are left bare. Seriously.

color collection2
Thumb finger : Pink Candy
Index finger : I'm all for lines. This particular overlapping lines is inspired by my pinkish bath towel!
Middle finger : I saw a sunflower nail art and was inspired to draw something like it. Since I love Gerbera, fuchsia Gerbera is just perfect!
Ring finger : Something I saw in one of the nail websites I frequented, Zig Zag.
Pinky : Circles. I love anything round as well and this one is something different from the usual dotting design.


*Nail Hug*


  1. Pagi pagi terus sia check blog kau ni manatau ada design baru and to my delight ADA! Hehehe. Punya cantik Kay!!!! I love the Pink Candy and Circles!! I think I'll post my first Friday's Fingers today!! Buli ka sia quote kau punya site Kay? Or would you rather I don't? Cos you haven't offially announced to your readers ba kan? Don't want to spoil the surprise :) Let me know ah?

  2. Morning Liz! Hehe, I actually made 9 designs on kuku palsu. Tapi mcm susah betul mau take photo of each kuku palsu so I decided to paint them on my nails. Another 4 designs later in the weekend lah I try to do. Err...dont first la. Sia kasi bagus2 dulu ni blog :)