Friday, October 21, 2011

Intro: Friday Fingers


Oukay, so Lizee has come up with this brilliant idea and I LOVE it.

She suggested that we have this one day dedicated to our..urrm..nails! You know, I know that we don't have the privilege to beautify our nails every single day. Like me, I only get to pamper my nails during the weekend. Friday being the earliest to paint them.

Sooo... let's have one day in a week to prettify our nails and flaunt them! Let's have Friday to show 'em off. And let's call it Friday Fingers...just like what Lizee suggested.

How do we do this?

I will post ONE theme every Sunday. Comes Friday, you (if you are participating) post 'em  pretty nails on your blog!

The theme will be something like this 31 Day Challenge.

I only have one question.
Do you think I should make a linky tools? You know, like getting everyone who's participating to fill up certain form and link back to my Friday Fingers? This will enable all those who participated to hop over to each other blog and see what we have come up with for Friday's Fingers.

So yeah, response, response.

*Nail Hug*


  1. Congrats on your fourth blog Chegu. Brilliant idea, yeah agree that you put a linky tool so others can participate and share :)

  2. Hey Audeanor, thank you for dropping by and thanks for the response.

  3. Wow! You've come up with a whole 31-Day Challenge! I think the linky tool is a great idea. We can blog-hop easily :D

  4. Hey Liz! Ngam2 I online. Nope, the 31 Day challenge to example saja. It's something that's been on going in those nail websites that i frequented. The theme for our FF maybe taken from there also la :)....lagi pun it's impossible bah mau bikin kuku everyday kan?

  5. Phew! Ya. VERY impossible for me especially :)