Sunday, October 16, 2011

New stash

After using DIY dotting tool for a while, I feel that I NEED to find proper dotting tools. As far as I know, it's hard to find one in KK. So when Beaty said she saw one at Daiso, I quickly head to Daiso to look for it.

Unfortunately, I didn't find dotting tools. But, I did buy a nail art brush as well as mini line brush that comes in pack of 6!

Then, I went to Sasa knowing I could find something useful there. And so I did.

I got pretty shopping bag from Sasa.
mystash (1)

Stuffs I bought from Sasa.
--> Sally Hansen nail polish remover, Cuticle clipper, Kiss cuticle remover, Kiss brush on nail glue, colorful rhinestones in carousal packaging (two sizes), Instant French Manicure strips,  Nail Gel Art (something like sticker), Nail Art Foil, Grafitti Nail Top (similar to crack nail polish) in Grey, Pink, Glittering Silver, Black and 6 Fantasy Color nail polish (buy 2 get 1 free).
mystash (2)

Stuffs I bought from Daiso.
--->  Nail file, (bended) nail art brush, line brush, mini line brush (in 6) and nail tips seal.

mystash (3)

I love the Fantasy Color nail polish. Two coats is enough to get perfect paint unlike The Face Shop nail polish that always need more than twice of coating otherwise it will result in streaking effect. (MYR8.90/Buy 2 Free 1)

The Grafitti Top (crack) nail polish is as good too. I haven't tried all the colors but the pink and black do gives a nice crack effect. Just as I wanted it. And it's cheap! (MYR14.90 each)

I tried the bended nail art brush to draw the pink ribbon picture and it works beautifully. Love it! (MYR5)

*Nail Hug*


  1. Wow! That's a lot of stuff! Punya siok ni mau main cat cat kuku :) I love the bag btw. It's really girly :)

  2. I know right. Tapi sia masih frust sebab belum dapat jumpa tu dotting tools. I saw one website tapi Singapore based. Im waiting response from them if they still selling the dotting tools as posted on their blog. June lagi bah dorang advertised tu.