Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Fingers!

Friday Fingers

Hello everyone!

Today's the first Friday for our Friday Fingers and I am so excited to share with you my first Friday Fingers.

My FF today is inspired by Beaty's suggestion for animal print and the fact that it is the final week of Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. So yeah, Pink Leopard print!

Today's FF is also specially dedicated to Just as well as Beaty (who is waiting to go for her ultrasound). May you have the utmost courage and will power to sail through rough seas in your fight for breast cancer.

pink leopard print (2)

pink leopard print (1)

Don't forget to post up and link your Friday Fingers: Pink October today!

*Nail Hug*


  1. aduh chegu punya pandai ko ni..dei envy u oh...cantik ni..pinky

  2. thanks beaty. dedicated for you. berabis sa try mau kasi cantik ni animal print nail art hehe

  3. Yeah, ngam juga kasi dedicate to sis Just & beaty.

  4. Another cool design Kay. I love this one more than the blossoms! Cantik oh. :D

    All the best to Just and Beaty. My thoughts are with them.

  5. Mouren, jom lah join!

    Betul bah Liz? hehe hardwork paid off, ada org suka. Padahal, left nails saja cantik. Right nails hancur.

  6. Aiya 8 hours left,mana sempat ni aduhai. Anyway,cantik la as usual. Maybe next time you can blog about the tools that u used to lukis2 barang kicik2 on kuku?

  7. Bah sa kasi prolong till Sunday. Jom join lah, kasi ramai2 hehehe.

    That's a great topic suggestion. Buli juga altho all my current tools are actually DIY punya.

  8. Kay-Betuuuul Kay. Macam ini cool lagi lah..Yg blossom tu memang cantikkkk but more girly girly la kan :)

    Marilah ramai ramai cat kuku. Si Mell wajib join =)

  9. Wow chegu pink with animal print nicely done.

  10. I'm on my way! Hope to post it before Friday is over :) Love the animal print. Mungkin mo try nanti hehe...

  11. Kay, finally! hehe... Tapi bulih tulung delete kah my link no.3. Tersilap ni :)

  12. Rose, thank you. Bah ko tia mau join? Sempat lagi ni :)

    Edith, ok 3rd link deleted. Bah ko try mai ni animal print, sinang saja actually mau bikin. Maybe, next up is tutorial on this la.