Monday, October 24, 2011

Hear me roarrr!

This is my first attempt to do leopard print nail art. Beaty asked me to try it and so I did. But since my nails were freshly painted, I just tried this on fake nail.

leopard print3

Will try again on my nails!

In the mean time, don't forget to join my Friday Fingers!

*Nail Hug*


  1. wah hebat ni chegu even pada fake nail seja ni...wahhh

  2. Friday Fingers macam title for a new halloween horror movie :D

  3. beaty, try2 ja...not exactly look like leopard print...nanti sa try lagi on my nails :)

    daniel...hahaha but it sounds nice also bah kan?

  4. Nice...

    Am still thinking on the design for this coming Friday... Suddenly sia rasa nervous ni bcos inda pernah buat selama ini hehe...

  5. Asal pink theme bah i said, kita kasi ramai2 saja kan :)

    Cant wait to see our Friday Fingers tomorw!