Saturday, June 16, 2012

Vertical Gradient Blue

Earlier this year, a friend went to the US and I requested her help to buy my the OPI Nicki Minaj Spring 2012 collection. It's cheaper buying directly from OPI's hometown.

But I haven't got the chance to try out all the swatches. Today, I'm gonna start with OPI Fly.
The color looks more turquoise in real life and I'm loving it.

I realized how I love cream finish nail polish since using OPI Fly as well as OPI Did It On 'Em. Will try to look more of cream finish nail polishes soon.

Since I'm into gradient lately, I wanted to re-create Nailsaurus' nail art but with a slight tweak.

So what I did was using sponging technique to create gradient. I even used her tutorial on creating beautiful gradient effect via sponging. Love it! Love it!
vertical blue gradient (4)

vertical blue gradient (1)

Initially I wanted to 'bling-bling' all my nails. But remembering that I only wear this nail art until Sunday, I decided not. Save me my nail studs. ^_^

The thing about sponging vertically, the nail bed tend to be flooded with nail polishes and it's kinda hard for me to clean them even with brush. Note to self, vertical sponging; not cleaning-friendly.

Colors Used:
OPI Fly Nicki Minaj Spring 2012 collection as base
Revlon Midnight Affair
Sally Hansen Black Out
Studs from local store.

Next week, will try to do Galaxy Nails. It's been wanting to try that particular mani.

Till then!


  1. chegu... cuba bah kau buat vlog... minta tutorial... teringin... tapi seriously I dont knw where to start... hahahahahha.... how on earth did you that.... geram... I want something like that on my nail.... sob sob.. haha

    1. Saya lemah kalo pasal vlog2 ni cath...jarang2 guna video recording. but i will try to do that..thanks for suggesting...actually, my nail art banyak inspired from nail websites and youtubes also bah.

  2. Haiyaa chegu..bikin ketarikan hati mau buat oh ni haha cantik2 ko buat..mcm hasil professional sdh bah..

    1. hehe thank you selalu prektis juga bah ni, so pelan2 tebelajar utk kasi improve my painting and nail art designing skill :)