Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mermaid nails

I have been very active in Instagram lately. And I just found out ways to explore more nail art enthusiasts via Instagram community. It is so much fun and quick, I think I am hooked to clicking each beautiful photo!

Anyways, an Instagram friend suggested that I enter this one contest on Instagram organized by @nic_thcelly. The contest theme is Mermaid Theme and is still running till July 1st. I even have to open up my Instagram for public viewing and wow, my nail photos have sure gained a little instant fame. LOL!

So here are the nail art I submitted for the contest. I did gradient blue representing the deep ocean and drew scallop shape on the ring and thumb nails as accent nails representing fish scales. I had fun doing this nail art and so I submitted my entry for the fun of it.

mermaid tail (1)

mermaid tail (2)

What do you think?

Colors Used:
Oroloy nail polish as base. Cheap brand found at local stores. There is no name attached with the bottle. So I can only say that the color is pretty much turquoise.
Elianto Alice Blue
Elianto Indigo Shine
Eleanor Blue Glitter

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