Monday, December 10, 2012

Flower Power

I found this Sally Hansen nail strips in my stash, unopened. It was actually last year's Christmas gift from my sister in-law and I haven't found the right time to wear it. Now that Christmas is fast approaching, I think that these need to be tried a.s.a.p.

SH_flower nail strips (5)

Surprisingly, applying it on nail is super easy. Perfect for those on the go. You can even apply the strips while you are seating in a plane. Talking about super busy, no-time-for-proper-manicure girls here.

SH_flower nail strips (1)cropped3

SH_flower nail strips (3)cropped

The only thing that irk me is when taking them off. It says, removing is easy by just using nail polish remover. But I find the glue isn't that easy to rub off. I prefer peeling them off although that is a big no-no for the nails.

However, given some pretty patterns available, I will still want to purchase this. You never know when you need this kind of product. It could be a real saviour and the only thing that could actually boost up your vanity. LOL!


  1. Very nice Kay! I did mine lama sdh but I don't really it plus x cantik and mudah koyak. My hubby sed maybe stok lama sebab ada sale bah time se beli hehehe

    1. Iya, it's kinda filmsy. I got 2 pcs koyak while applying also. Nasib ada 16pcs all...but i like the fact that there's no drying time to apply. Jadi cepat siap :)