Thursday, November 29, 2012

Half moon gradient

It has been a month since my last entry. Well, there were few things happened recently which includes an unfortunate event. But hey, I'm trying to catch up here. ^__^

So to kick off with my nail painting again, I was inspired to do this half moon nail design. I have seen it a few times before by several nail bloggers including those in my Instagram. But when I found thenailsaurus on Insta (how could I missed it on her blog?) and saw her half moon gradient nails, I could resist no more.

half moon gradient (3)

half moon gradient (6)

half moon gradient (4)

Still long way to perfect half moon but for now, I am happy I finally did it.

Colors/Materials used:
Essie All Tied Up (base)
Essie Wicked
Make up sponge
Reinforcement rings


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Gaby, thanks for dropping by and commenting. And thank you for the compliment too.

  2. tutorial ka? I love the colours.

    1. Thanks Pamela. Will work on the tutorial real soon :)